Sherlyn Popelka – Fugitive Golfer


An arrest warrant has been issued for Sherlyn Popelka in Arizona

On may 8, 2011, our friend Rick was riding his motorcycle to work in Tuscon, AZ. As he passed through the intersection of E Speedway and N Campbell Ave. his life was changed forever. Rick was riding eastbound on Speedway, and had a solid green light. Sherlyn Popelka, fresh off a bender, underage, drunk and driving on a suspended license, was facing westbound, waiting to turn left onto Campbell. Sherlyn Popleka decided that waiting just wasn’t her thing so she turned left. As she did so she collided with Rick’s motorcycle, destroying it, and leaving Rick unconscious  bleeding, and severely injured. Parts of the motorcycle were embedded into Sherlyn Popelka’s car.  Sherlyn Popelka, unfazed and obviously hungry, didn’t even bother to stop to see if Rick was OK. Instead, she left the scene and drove to Taco Bell to watch the bloody scene unfold. Thankfully, there were enough witnesses present that the police had no problem finding the taco eating drunken golfer, Sherlyn Popelka.


Sherlyn Popelka did this to my friend

If you read the arrest and crash reports (in the links to the right) you can get a sense of how concerned she was.  No, she wasn’t the least bit concerned with Rick’s condition. Nope, as he lay in the street bleeding and suffering, she was eating tacos. When the arresting officer advised her of the extent of Rick’s injuries she said (and you can read this in Crash Report Page 6) “Well, He’ll be fine, I’m just worried that this doesn’t affect my scholarship”.  Wow!  Practically kill a man, leave him for dead in the middle of the street, and all you care about is tacos and your scholarship?  What kind of person does this?

He’ll be fine? Excuse me? According to Rick, he suffered the following injuries:

  • Broken ankle

    Sherlyn Popelka DUI Hit and Run Warrant for Arrest Fugitive that

    Sherlyn Popelka did this

  • Large gash in his knee cap
  • Broken ribs
  • Broken pinky finger (required surgery)
  • Puncture wound to his wrist
  • Strained muscles in his shoulder
  • Injury to his jaw causing severe TMJ
  • Broken nose
  • Broken facial bones between his eyes and mouth
  • Damaged optic nerve
  • Gash on his head
  • Traumatic brain injury

At one time during his recovery, Rick was seeing 13 different doctors for all of his injuries.  Is he alive?  Yes, thank God!  Is he “fine”?  Absolutely not.  Lasting injuries such as the damaged optic nerve will follow Rick the rest of his life, while Sherlyn Popelka is enjoying life on the links.


Sherlyn Popelka in her mugshot as shown on FOX10 Phoenix

You see, the spoiled little brat Sherlyn Popelka, with the help of her rich daddy, fled the country before she could be prosecuted for the crimes she was charged with, namely aggravated assault and felony criminal damage, along with DUI.  Daddy took her back to Switzerland, their country of origin where she is free.   She is free while Rick still suffers from permanent neurological damage.  Sherlyn Popelka, once an aspiring golf star, is now a fugitive from justice.  An arrest warrant has been issued in Arizona.

Help us bring Sherlyn Popelka back to face the punishment she deserves.  You can help by boycotting her sponsors and employers.

We continue to encourage a boycott of any company who supports Sherlyn Popelka.   Stay tuned, golf season is starting soon, we’ll keep you posted on any future endorsements she may receive.

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