Sherlyn Popelka – Fugitive Golfer


An arrest warrant has been issued for Sherlyn Popelka in Arizona

On may 8, 2011, our friend Rick was riding his motorcycle to work in Tuscon, AZ. As he passed through the intersection of E Speedway and N Campbell Ave. his life was changed forever. Rick was riding eastbound on Speedway, and had a solid green light. Sherlyn Popelka, fresh off a bender, underage, drunk and driving on a suspended license, was facing westbound, waiting to turn left onto Campbell. Sherlyn Popleka decided that waiting just wasn’t her thing so she turned left. As she did so she collided with Rick’s motorcycle, destroying it, and leaving Rick unconscious  bleeding, and severely injured. Parts of the motorcycle were embedded into Sherlyn Popelka’s car.  Sherlyn Popelka, unfazed and obviously hungry, didn’t even bother to stop to see if Rick was OK. Instead, she left the scene and drove to Taco Bell to watch the bloody scene unfold. Thankfully, there were enough witnesses present that the police had no problem finding the taco eating drunken golfer, Sherlyn Popelka.


Sherlyn Popelka did this to my friend

If you read the arrest and crash reports (in the links to the right) you can get a sense of how concerned she was.  No, she wasn’t the least bit concerned with Rick’s condition. Nope, as he lay in the street bleeding and suffering, she was eating tacos. When the arresting officer advised her of the extent of Rick’s injuries she said (and you can read this in Crash Report Page 6) “Well, He’ll be fine, I’m just worried that this doesn’t affect my scholarship”.  Wow!  Practically kill a man, leave him for dead in the middle of the street, and all you care about is tacos and your scholarship?  What kind of person does this?

He’ll be fine? Excuse me? According to Rick, he suffered the following injuries:

  • Broken ankle

    Sherlyn Popelka DUI Hit and Run Warrant for Arrest Fugitive that

    Sherlyn Popelka did this

  • Large gash in his knee cap
  • Broken ribs
  • Broken pinky finger (required surgery)
  • Puncture wound to his wrist
  • Strained muscles in his shoulder
  • Injury to his jaw causing severe TMJ
  • Broken nose
  • Broken facial bones between his eyes and mouth
  • Damaged optic nerve
  • Gash on his head
  • Traumatic brain injury

At one time during his recovery, Rick was seeing 13 different doctors for all of his injuries.  Is he alive?  Yes, thank God!  Is he “fine”?  Absolutely not.  Lasting injuries such as the damaged optic nerve will follow Rick the rest of his life, while Sherlyn Popelka is enjoying life on the links.


Sherlyn Popelka in her mugshot as shown on FOX10 Phoenix

You see, the spoiled little brat Sherlyn Popelka, with the help of her rich daddy, fled the country before she could be prosecuted for the crimes she was charged with, namely aggravated assault and felony criminal damage, along with DUI.  Daddy took her back to Switzerland, their country of origin where she is free.   She is free while Rick still suffers from permanent neurological damage.  Sherlyn Popelka, once an aspiring golf star, is now a fugitive from justice.  An arrest warrant has been issued in Arizona.

Help us bring Sherlyn Popelka back to face the punishment she deserves.  You can help by boycotting her sponsors and employers.

We continue to encourage a boycott of any company who supports Sherlyn Popelka.   Stay tuned, golf season is starting soon, we’ll keep you posted on any future endorsements she may receive.

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61 Responses to Sherlyn Popelka – Fugitive Golfer

  1. Seeker of Justice says:

    The whole matter could easily be resolved if this person would just appear in court to address the charges filed.

  2. dave Stoneham says:

    It’s too bad that she’s not mature enough to own up to her actions, and even worse that the parents assist her in evading justice. That’s a sad way to teach right from wrong to your children in my opinion.

  3. Gooner says:

    Is it true that her mother is threatening legal action against any site that posts “negative” information about Ms. Popelka, the fugitive?

    • mr. gee bees says:

      Apparently so.

      Sad, really.

    • MegaGlide says:

      Well, if by”negative” you mean “true”, then, yes. Seems like an awful lot of trouble to go to in an attempt to bebuild her image just so she can play golf in Europe and third woirld stinkholes, since the US is closed to her.

      • QuackQuack says:

        If you receive any legal threats on this issue then I would recommend that you contact Ken White at the Popehat blog. Ken is an attorney and member of the First Amendment Lawyers Association and often helps to arrange pro bono defence of bogus defamation suits.

    • Brandon says:

      She can threaten all the legal action she wants. As long as the information is factual and part of the public record there’s nothing she can do. It’s not a crime or libel to bring it to people’s attention.

      • Seeker of Justice says:

        Unfortunately, people will take legal action knowing that they have no case 3.) in the hopes that the other side doesn’t have the money to defend it, or D.) with the express purpose of costing the other party a lot of money to defend it. It’s a SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation). Some states do provide remedies against those that would use the SLAPP.

  4. smilie man says:


    How would the Popelkas feel if the shoe were on the other foot: i.e: it was their precious who was run down and left for dead by a drunk driver?

    Would it please the Popelkas if the perpetrator of said act fled the country prior to facing the charges brought by the court?

    Would the Popelkas try to keep the unresolved situation in the public eye as much as possible, hoping the matter be settled, once and for all, in a court of law?

    Would the Popelkas fight any effort to quell the truth from being told on the Internet?

    Just askin’…….

  5. Tom T. says:

    I find it incredible that her parents will spend what had to be a rather sizable amount of money to attempt to ‘repair’ the reputation of their daughter who is a fugitive from charges of DUI and assault for running down a motorcyclist yet………………has not made any attempt/offer to help the injured party defray his medical costs or loss of income. Sad really.

  6. paul c says:

    she is a steaming pile of shit…hope she gets hit and runned over to slowly die on the side of some rural road…karma is a bitch

  7. Jon says:

    Have your local police department foreword a copy of the arrest warrant who then will send it to INTERPOL. Sweden is famous for extraditing non-political fugitives.

  8. Anon says:

    Sweden ist not Switzerland…

  9. nospamdamnit says:

    What’s her father do boycott his business. Let him know he did wrong even if it was to protect his little spoiled brat.

  10. Appalled says:

    It’s Switzerland, not Sweden.

  11. Mr.Surly says:

    Beyond disgusting. Ms. Popelka evidently believes herself above any law and unburdened by either morals or conscience. I do so wish that she would come back to the US and face the music, but it is evident that she is not likely to do so. We can best assist justice by constantly post this and related info everywhere we can. We are many; spread the word, people!
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  13. Email writer says:

    Does she still have sponsors?

  14. Aaron says:

    She’s on the front page of Reddit now.

  15. Email writer says:

    Does she still have sponsors? Anyone know the name of the pr firm or the dads business?

    • VTVicePrez says:

      I saw on the Arizona Wildcats webpage, where they have a glowing bio of her, that State Farm Insurance, Coca-Cola, and UPS are sponsors of the AZ Wildcats. I went to the Contact forms of those companies and sent my opinion of them sponsoring a known fugitive.

  16. VTVicePrez says:

    Sharing this on FB and writing emails to her sponsor today!!

  17. Anon says:

    Doesn’t Switzerland and the U.S. have an extradition agreement? The one Julian Assange is specifically afraid of?

    Let’s hit that up.

  18. Thomas says:

    Totally unrelated to this post, but @admin. Please consider changing your username to something other than admin. It put’s your site at risk of the massive attack on wordpress going on.

  19. Tom R. says:

    This is scary, not just from a newer motorcyclist myself but as a human. It’s disgusting to think such useless scum walk (or drive) among us. I’m however, a firm believer in karma. Someday she’ll get what’s coming to her.

    On the other hand, may your buddy receive a speedy and painless recovery. Bikes can be replaced but your health is something that is priceless.

  20. vanessa says:

    {link to Sherlyn Popelka’s web page removed} what the heck is this site!?? How does anyone have the nerve to post this site in light of what she has done? Funny nowhere on her bio does it list her warrant for arrest on DUI and aggravated assault.
    There’s even a link to “life in Switzerland” Should say “Life as a fugitive in Switzerland”

  21. Sam Sdx says:

    Hope your buddy has a speedy recovery. Although it’s been almost two years since the accident, I imagine it has been a slow process. Some updates as to his condition would be nice, just for the sake of knowing a fellow motorcyclist is doing well again.

    At the same time, I can’t believe how she’s evaded justice this long. Without being able to compete in the United States or any other jurisdiction that has extradition treaties with the United States, I imagine her options for pro golfing are rather limited. I hope she suffers mentally for the rest of her pathetic, useless life.

    In my view, the totality of the accident reports and your buddy’s testimony clearly shows that Sherlyn is responsible. However, as far as criminal charges are concerned, here in the U.S. defendants are entitled to a presumption of innocence, and we will offer her the opportunity to present her side of the story. Not even being present so that the State of Arizona, on behalf of Rick, can present its evidence in a trial, is the height of arrogance and shows utter contempt for our system of justice. I hope Rick or his insurance carrier will clean out the Popleka family for all they’re worth.

  22. anon says:

    Hey definitely read the reddit comments, a guy from Switzerland points out that Swiss law applies to its citizens regardless of where they are in the world. Therefore it would not be difficult to get the Swiss state to move on this.

    As for web presence–

    I would also post the police pdf, and anything else as a pdf on, after adding this website as a watermark. I think it would index and I’m doubtful they would take it down as its a legal doc.

    I think tumblr would also let this stay up.

    if you want to just push their buttons, you might use google ad words to make your website show up on european google results. every click costs, though.

    make a simple youtube video, and post it on the liveleak website also.

    maybe make a satirical page like ‘Sherlyn Popelka is Innocent’ on facebook and just make poor arguments in her favor, and link to this website.

    i dont think that would be harassment.

    Also, translate content on this website to german? any chances of improving it in the google results over there.

  23. brian says:

    Has anyone contacted ESPN about this?

  24. Sister says:

    Any way of the press getting a hold of this and pushing the issue?

  25. Londi says:

    We all need to send this link to news media, friends, other pages, etc.

  26. CL says:

    Could the parents be charged with harboring a fugitive or obstruction of justice or SOMETHING? Is it legal for them to pay for their daughter, a known fugitive, to leave the country? That seems crazy to me.

  27. Andrew D says:

    hey wow, same shit happened to me 11 years ago by a SEMI. knocked me out, we rolled 15 times, brand new 2000 GM Chevy Blazer seat belt failed, i got shot out 65 yards. Trucker didn’t stop, was over log, over hours, on dope i’m sure that’s why he didn’t stop (another trucker chased him down for 45 minutes. Here’s where the fun begins: THE COP AT THE SCENE FALSIFIED MY STATEMENT. I guess since i survived it they said i’d been drinking (hadn’t been. diabetic, hadnt eaten all day had alcohol on breath from said). the lawyers fucked me, they all sold me out, insurance company included. Then at the hospital they found drugs in my blood after i’d been airlifted to a previous hospital and gieven someone elsees blood (that never made it into the records naturally) here’s the injury list you’ll love it. broke multiple bones in both feet, torn MCL right knee from surgery to hip, hip shattered in 47 pieces, broken pelvis, 4 broken ribs, broken right shoulder and elbow, broken left wrist, torn bladder, bruised kidneys, 6 chipped molars, and 2 lost fillings, back injury, and finally TBI and now my left eye doesn’t focus. I hope the worthless piece of shit lawyers read this and try to act on the non-comm papers since they colluded and had multiple conflicts of interest (crete cartage MFR’S) oh, and before i’m done this is the best. the hospital i initially went to didn’t ask if i had any insurance, since it happened in michigan and i am from indiana. my cocksuck friend left for 2 weeks and the no-one/hospital didn’t inform me that my insurance, due to the extent of injuries would cover it…HERE”S THE BEST PART!!!I was given tylenol 3’s for 2 whole fucking days before they even moved a finger, and i was in the “death ward” where they put vagrants, in addition to being coined a fucking “whiner” from screaming for painkillers for 2 days, one of which was my 33rd birthday!!!! TA-DAAAAAAA!!!! and i was in a wheel chair for 6 months and 3.5 years of rehab that didn’t help much overall and the settlement was less than 500k…think you got it bad, throw in the PTSD and severe mood swings that occur regularly, and I need a lot more than a hug….*sigh* -fun in michigan- and the trucker never even cared to call and say he was sorry. worthless piece of shit from Lincoln Nebraska should be around 62-63 now…and if i EVER see you it will be your last living image MF!!! Thanks…and sorry i needed to vent that scenario badly finally

  28. G.M. says:

    why not contact the swiss authorities??

  29. Tanya says:

    It is part of being brought up as better than avewrage. This chicky needs to be tossed out of school and belittled infront of the rich people her parents hang out with. As they shade their daughter they shame them selves. Sick really that so many parents think what ever my kid did I don’t care I will do what ever to keep them free. By doing that they keep the children children and help to make the scum of the earth. To those parents SEND your looser children through the system and help them instead of hid them and hurt them.They are BELOW average if they make you cry aren’t they?

  30. Comrade Chaos says:

    Still waiting for justice.
    Yo! Sherlyn, We all know you have peeps reading stuff on this site, why don’t you just turn yourself in to the Tucson AZ authorities and put and end to chapter of your life?
    Face the music, babe.

  31. A. Scott says:

    I am by no means defending what Sherlyn did but think you are being a little harsh on her. Clearly none of you remember what it was like being a 19 year old college student (did any of you even go to college). The combined academic stress and rigorous schedule division 1 NCAA have to endure in tough enough for Americans, let alone foreigners.

    I happen to know Sherlyn personally and know that she isn’t the terrible person that you are all making her out to be. I truly believe that eventually she will do the right thing regarding this accident and arrest but do you guys honestly think you are helping the situation with websites and comments like this?

    • admin says:

      I remember what it was like being a 19 year old college student. I was working 2 jobs and going to school at night. I also remember my father teaching me to be responsible for my own actions. Obviously Sherlyn Popelka’s family doesn’t share the same belief. All this site does is tell the truth. If stating the facts about the case makes Sherlyn Popleka seem like a horrible person…well, I can’t help that.

    • Comrade Chaos says:

      Really Scott? “Clearly none of you remember what it was like being a 19 year old college student (did any of you even go to college). The combined academic stress and rigorous schedule division 1 NCAA have to endure in tough enough for Americans, let alone foreigners”
      No, I do not know what it is like to be a 19 yo college student – that is because when I was 19, I was serving in the USAF in a mobile combat unit, which I can assure you was more stressful and rigorous then anything a division 1 NCAA college can dish up.

      May 2014 is the 3 year anniversary for this accident. You may know Sherlyn, but if she was ‘going to do the right thing’, she would have done it by now. In Arizona, the statute of limitations on a felony DUI is 7 years. I think Little Ms Sunshine will not be back until she is 26 and in her selfish, narrow mind, that will be “doing the right thing.”

      If karma is a harsh mistress, so be it.

      • Joe says:

        Unfortunately for her, the statute of limitations clock is paused while she is absent from the state. So the offense will never be time barred while she is a fugitive.

  32. Seeker of Justice says:

    I too was a 19 year old college student. Additionally, I finished my MBA in less than a year and am finishing up a PhD. The academic stress of a freshman/sophomore is nothing in comparison and NO excuse for criminal behavior. Had I done this as a 19 year old my parents would have dragged my sorry butt to court to answer for my mistakes.

    The comments here have made her out to be someone who severely injured a human being while she was driving under the influence and then fled the country to avoid prosecution. That to me is a terrible person. Prove me wrong. Come back to face justice. That’s the only solution.

    • A. Scott says:

      I think far too often people are reactionary rather than rational when and accident involving a loved one occurs. Believe me if this was my father or brother I would be furious and if I said it once I’ve said it a thousand times what she did was flat out wrong and I would never condone her actions… But creating a hate site for her with comments like this is deplorable and juvenile.
      “she is a steaming pile of shit…hope she gets hit and runned
      over to slowly die on the side of some rural road…karma is a bitch”

  33. dave stoneham says:

    If she really is the nice person you make her out to be, then why did she flee from prosecution and not take responsibility for what she did? This website and all the negativity would be gone if she does that. In the meantime, our friend has permanent injuries and a mountain of expenses from this accident that he had no fault in, but is still paying the price of her negligence.

  34. Seeker of Justice says:

    Of the 45 responses here and the original post of the website, I see one that is hateful. The site itself is factual with some anger at her refusal to address the result of her deliberate actions (if you choose to drink and drive, it is deliberate, no excuse). It is NOT a hate site but a campaign to get her to turn herself in.

    Lets not throw up a “Poor Sherlyn, everyone hates her” smokescreen to distract from the issue. She CHOSE to drink and drive. She hit and almost killed a good man. He has suffered physically and financially from her reprehensible actions. She fled the scene without rendering aid or even calling for help. She fled the country to avoid having to face the legal system and be held responsible for her actions.

    Is this site hate? No. It’s righteous anger at an injustice. Juvenile? Running away is juvenile. Deplorable? Drinking then driving and hurting someone is deplorable. Correct the injustice and it all goes away.

    • A. Scott says:

      The correct way to go about this is to follow the appropriate legal channels not to start a blog where any Joe Shmoe can log on and smear her name. There is a right and a wrong way to go about things and this is not the right way.

      I do feel truly bad for your friend, and I too would encourage Sherlyn to come forward and make things right. No one should have to suffer the physical and financial burden of an accident where they were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time and not at fault.

      My suggestion would be to start a donation page where people could donate to help your friends hospital bills, insurance costs etc. Having a blog where everyone posts the same messages over and over does little good.

  35. buddouglas says:

    Since it seems to matter, I have two degrees. One a masters. Magna Cum Laude with both. Regardless of age, anyone that goes to get something to eat while watching her victim squirm is heartless. Her parents have allowed her to become a self-absorbed malcontent. Possibly, if they had raise to her to have one iota of concern for others she wouldn’t have committed this horrific act.

    Forum friend and member.

  36. Bob says:

    It’s simple….Sherlyn Popelka needs to do the morally, ethically, and legally responsible thing and turn herself in. I don’t know how Sherlyn Popelka can sleep at night.

    • A. Scott says:

      Neither of you addressing my point and continuing the repetitive insanity of this blog…

      • admin says:

        So, what exactly is your point? You come trolling here to lecture us on the correct way to go about this, and that would be to “follow the appropriate legal channels”? What part of she fled the country to avoid prosecution didn’t you understand? Then you say Sherlyn Popelka is a nice person and we’re being too hard on her. Have you seen the pictures above? Have you read about Rick’s permanent injuries?

        Let me ask you a question: How many nice people do you know who have a warrant issued for their arrest? How many nice people do you know who are fugitives from justice?

        • A. Scott says:

          I am not trolling I am simply being the voice of reason here. Also you are putting words in my mouth, I never said she was a “nice” person I simply said she isn’t the person you all assume she is. I am (probably) the only one on here who has a personal relationship with her.

          Anyway my point is that this website does no one any good. It is simply a dumping ground where people come and vent about an accident. If you truly wanted to do some good you would set up a “myfund” page and help raise money for your friend, throw him a charity golf tournament, have a bake sale, go out and try to do something productive not waste everyones time posting the same repetitive comment 55 times. Do some good, don’t spread bad… That is exactly my point….

          • admin says:

            Sorry Jack, you fit the profile of a troll. This site was not created to extort money from the obviously well to do Popelka’s. Any reasonable person reading the story would not come to that conclusion. To insinuate so is to be a wrong troll.

            It’s about Sherlyn Popelka doing the right thing.

            By the way Jack, when Sherlyn Popelka got stupid drunk and ran over our friend she was 19 years old. Last time I checked the drinking age in Arizona is 21. That means someone of age had to supply the alcohol to a minor. Checking your dates of graduation and employment you would be around the age of majority around the time the accident happened. So, are YOU indirectly responsible for the accident and resulting damages and possibly feeling a tinge of conscience? Not that having a conscience is bad, it’s actually applaudable for a Boston area libtard like you, but it seems like something worth looking into because supplying alcohol to a minor is against the law.

          • Seeker of Justice says:

            The fact that you have a relationship with her more than likely indicates that you’re the type of person who hasn’t even considered that fact that we have already provided support to our friend as you are suggesting that we do. Doing so is not mutually exclusive with, and indeed even includes, applying pressure to see that justice is served.

            This website is intended to ensure that this incident is not forgotten and to see that the perpetrator is forced to atone for her reprehensible behavior. At the very least it is applying some level of consequence for her heinous actions. It is obviously being effective as it is under frequent attack from resources provided by her parents and now people such as yourself who would ignore if it it were not negatively impacting her life in some manner.

          • Saul says:

            “Anyway my point is that this website does no one any good. It is simply a dumping ground where people come and vent about an accident.”


            People have vented very little (if anything) about the accident itself. It was not an accident that she fled the scene and the country afterwards.

  37. Seeker of Justice says:

    “Neither of you addressing my point and continuing the repetitive insanity of this blog…”

    Thank you so much for the laugh this morning. If you hadn’t posted and replied numerous times, there would have been no continuation of this blog. You’re the one keeping it going and renewing the focus on the quest for justice. Thanks for that also.

  38. Hagatha says:

    Bad case of affluenza, I fear. Hope the entitled scumsucking beeyotch is brought to justice soon. Best wishes to a speedy recovery, Rick.

  39. George Michael Heilherger says:

    It takes a lot of ball’s to play this fucked up round of golf with or without a spoonful of sugr….medicine one must take is prescribed by: thee GABRIEL: FIRST ORDER OF ARCHETYPE^ IM THE D.D.GYN. THE DOOR TO DOOR GYNECOLOGIST. ..HAVE ST UU RRPPPS WILL TRAVEL….MYANGEL CAN HUNT GOLF BALLS….CHAMPION GOLF BALL HUNTRESS

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